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Apart from the fact that by law you require an Alcohol Licence to have a drink, transport or store alcohol in your home – there are many additional benefits to having one! For example:
  • You will receive vouchers worth AED 1,500 to spend at bars and restaurants around Dubai.
  • You can shop online or at any one of our 16 conveniently located stores across the city 7 days a week.
  • You will be able to access great value and the best offers when you shop with African + Eastern.
  • Perhaps most importantly you will have peace of mind - with an Alcohol Licence in Dubai, you stay safe and stay legal. 
African + Eastern makes applying for an Alcohol Licence efficient and EASY. Apply and submit all your paperwork online, we’ll take care of the rest and call you when your licence is ready to be collected.

With a history spanning over 100 years we work closely with authorities on your behalf to facilitate your application. 

African + Eastern is the largest alcohol retailer in the Middle East with a network of 26 stores in the UAE, 5 in Oman and a team of 400 professional staff. With an extensive portfolio of beer, wine and spirits, you will always find what you’re looking for when you shop online or at one of our conveniently located stores.
No. You will not need to renew your licence. But we will need to revalidate your  licence with Dubai Police. So we will need to grab your, original licence, new visa and salary certificate OR Labour Contract Copy.

African + Eastern is the largest alcohol retailer in the Middle East with a network of 26 stores in the UAE, 5 in Oman and a team of over 400 professional staff. With an extensive portfolio of beer, wine and spirits, you will always find what you’re looking for when you shop online or at one of our conveniently located stores. Our Mission is to create long, enduring relationships with beer, wine and spirit customers through First-Class Service, the Biggest Range & Great Value.

Welcome to Dubai! You need an Alcohol Licence to legally buy alcohol from licenced stores, have a drink or keep alcohol in your home. 

You will need to fill up an Alcohol Licence application form – either online or from one of our 15 stores. You will also need copies of the following documents to support your application.

·       Passport copy

·       Visa copy

·       Labour contract copy

·       A passport photograph

·       Tenancy contract copy

Once your application has been submitted with all the necessary documentation & fee of AED 270, it will take up to four weeks to process and we will call you when your new Alcohol Licence is ready to be collected.

Your licence comes with an in-store spending limit every month that is determined based on your salary. An Alcohol Licence is valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually.

When you apply for your Alcohol Licence, you receive loads of rewards worth AED 1,500 including 25% discount vouchers on your next in-store purchase as well as dinner and drinks vouchers at some of Dubai’s best restaurants and bars. You even get rewarded when you refer a friend. Have a look at some of these:

·       25% off on your next purchase at any of our Dubai stores

·       25% off on your next purchase at The Cellars Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah stores

·       AED 50 Introduce a Friend Voucher

·       Irish Village – 15% off your food bill

·       Le Méridien Dubai – AED 150 off your total bill at Warehouse

·       Mina A’ Salam, Madinat Jumeirah - 2 for 1 on house beverages at Bahri Bar

·       Souk Madinat Jumeirah - 20% off your total bill at Barzar

·       Ramee Rose Hotel – 20% off your total bill at Goodfellas

·       McGettigan’s DWTC – 15% off your total bill

·       Meliã Dubai – 20% off your total bill at Signature By Sanjeev Kapoor

·       Maison Mathis – A complimentary bottle of house red or white wine with every two main courses purchased

·       Cargo, Pier 7 – AED 150 off your total bill

·       Free African + Eastern wine opener with every new licence. 

Yes. If the tenancy contract is not under your name when applying for an alcohol licence, then a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the person named on the tenancy is required along with a passport and visa copy. We have a handy example of an NOC letter, download it HERE

Unfortunately not. If you have a student visa you will not be able to apply for an Alcohol Licence. People on tourist/visit visas are also not able to apply. 

Yes, as your wife’s (or husband’s) sponsor, you will need to submit a copy of your salary certificate OR labour contract with her application.  

Your monthly licence limit is calculated based on your salary and determined by the Dubai Police.

Yes. You will need a NOC letter from the respective Emirates' Police Department or Municipality when submitting your application. For example, a NOC from Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority if your visa is from Abu Dhabi and a NOC from Fujairah Municipality for Fujairah visa holders.

Yes. If you live in Abu Dhabi then you will have to apply through the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. 

Since your visa has been issued in Dubai, you will require a NOC from the Dubai Police Department in order to submit your application in Abu Dhabi. 

You can only apply for an Alcohol Licence if you live in Dubai. Since you live in Sharjah, your application for an Alcohol Licence has to be processed by the Sharjah Police. You will also need an NOC from the Dubai Police Department.

Yes. A NOC from the institution management is required when applying for an Alcohol Licence in Dubai. 

No. Free Zone Authorities charge a fee for a NOC. Instead just submit an original salary certificate from your place of work.

Religion, bounced cheques/cheque fraud and police/court cases are some of the main reasons the CID may reject your application. If you have been in a situation that involved the Dubai Police or Dubai Courts, a clearance letter is required to stipulate that the case is closed. You will then have to visit Dubai CID personally to get approval on your Alcohol Licence application.

Once you’ve submitted your application form with all the required documentation, it can take up to 4 weeks until you receive your Alcohol Licence. The reason it takes this long is because our Licencing Department processes your application on your behalf, which then has to be sent to Dubai Police for verification and approval.

As partners, both a husband and wife should have their own licences. You will only be allowed to buy alcohol in-store if the Alcohol Licence is in your name. 

It’s just a little reminder so you have time to prepare the documents required for renewal. You also need to complete an Alcohol Licence Renewal form that you can get from one of our stores, or fill in online.

The licence renewal process only begins when your current licence expires. 

You can even submit your documents to us ahead of time and we will submit your Alcohol Licence Renewal application only when your licence expires.

In the mean time, we can issue you with a temporary licence so you can keep shopping until your renewed licence arrives!

Draft a letter to the CID stating that you have lost your licence. You will also need to apply for a replacement Alcohol Licence.

When the letter and application have been submitted, your lost card will be blocked and a replacement licence will be processed.

An Alcohol Licence is technically valid for 11 months from the date of issue. We issue a temporary licence during the renewal period that takes up to 2 weeks so in actual fact you have use of your Alcohol Licence privileges for a 12-month period.